The Perfect Paint

Close your eyes and picture some of the most beautiful colors you have seen: the dark green of the Amazon Rainforest; the light blue of the Mediterranean, the orange as the sunsets. Certain colors have the power to not only look incredible, but also to evoke certain emotions. Selecting a color for a paint job for the inside walls of our house is a tough decision. With these tips, you will have a house just as beautiful as the places above.

The Home Office

The ability to work from home is a great luxury that many of us wish we had. There is a flexible schedule, commuting is just from the bedroom to the den or work space, and there is more availability for life’s demands. Aside from these great advantages, it can sometimes be difficult to stay productive at home. The laundry needs to get done, the dishes need to be cleaned, or the dog needs to go for a walk. A simple remodel to your home office space to mimic what a contemporary office space can help get into the work mindset and maximize productivity. CONTINUE…

Hardwood Design Trends

Hardwood floors have a variety of colors, textures and finishes that are all important to be mindful of when choosing the type of hardwood you want to have in your home! With that said we wanted to go a bit deeper into the Carpet vs Hardwood debate! See more

How to Decorate the Calming Bedroom You Deserve

Life is hard and there are many stresses that we face from the time we wake up in the morning to the time we rest our heads at night. No one wants to wind down from the day in a chaotic space so here are four ways to create the bedroom feng shui that you deserve… CONTINUE

Right Fit Your Summer Patio Set Up

Summer in full swing and you are probably looking for any excuse to get out of the office early and enjoy the sun with friends and family. Hosting a barbeque in the backyard remains an instant classic summer pastime that stands the test of time. With the mixture of lawn games and freshly grown ingredients for sun tea paired with an evening of music favorites chatting around a fire pit, the words alone can start up excitement for the weekend… CONTINUE


If you are considering updating the flooring in your house, chances are, the decision is between two of the most common types of flooring: carpet or hardwood. But how do you decide? Sure, flooring isn’t as important as buying a house, but do you really want to have your flooring done with with furniture set in place, only to sit down to watch your favorite show and realize that you despise how your new flooring looks? Of course not! Here are some pros and cons to help you decide what best suits you and your home… CONTINUE


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