The Perfect Paint

Close your eyes and picture some of the most beautiful colors you have seen: the dark green of the Amazon Rainforest; the light blue of the Mediterranean, the orange as the sunsets. Certain colors have the power to not only look incredible, but also to evoke certain emotions. Selecting a color for a paint job for the inside walls of our house is a tough decision. With these tips, you will have a house just as beautiful as the places above.


Even though your favorite color may be yellow, you may not want to use that as your final choice. Colors are separated into two distinct segments: “warm” and “cool”. “Warm” colors are your reds, oranges, and yellows. Just like sunshine, warm colors bring out emotions related happiness, stimulating, and being active. These type of colors are great for creating a vibrant and fun atmosphere.

Colors that are defined as “cool” are blues, greens, and light purples. As you can imagine, these colors are known for creating a relaxed and calming environment. These colors are great for dealing with stressful and anxious feelings.


Limiting the amount of colors on the inside of your house is not only much more attractive, but also helps create an ambiance that guests can appreciate. If each color in your house has a different color and all over the color spectrum, it can cause confusion to guests and even family members. Sticking to one color, and utilizing variations of that color can make a huge difference throughout the house.


The final thing to consider when trying to select the perfect paint finish, is matching with other appliances or furniture in that specific room. It’s much easier to purchase furniture and get rid of it rather than constantly repainting the rooms. So the best option is go window shopping for furniture first. Once you have an idea of what you want, then purchase the perfect paint color. Matching with refrigerators and microwaves is much easier than matching with couches and carpets so there shouldn’t be too much stress finding a color that matches perfectly with such appliances.

If you are just moving into a brand new house, then it’s a whole different story and completely up to you!

If you have questions about selecting the perfect paint job, contact us! We will explain all your options in detail so you can make the best decision!


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